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From the guava tree to the industry: the pink guava puree production process

The amazing fruits of the guava tree provide a multipurpose product, the pink guava puree, which is used by the food industry.

But do you know how the pink guava puree, production process works? The fruits go through many steps from the moment it is harvested.

A foremost concern is needed for the quality of the fruit from field to industry to ensure that the nutrients and flavor of the guava are retained.

Below, you can find a brief explanation of some steps in transforming the fruit into puree.

The harvest: before it turns into puree, the fruit needs to be harvested from the tree in good conditions

The cultivation and harvesting processes are the initial steps of the fruit’s path to becoming puree. First, the areas are chosen considering the climate and soil. Then, the selection by the type of variety and the dedication of specialists throughout the entire cultivation cycle.

Due to its extension and favorable conditions in Brazil, the guava fruits are available virtually all year round. According to the Secretary of Supply of the State of São Paulo, the country's second-largest producer with about 6,700 hectares cultivated, the harvest of guava for the industry is held mainly between February and May each year.

The pink guava puree manufacturing

In Brazil, only the pink guava is processed for puree and pink guava paste industrial production. The white guava volume goes to the fresh fruit market.

After being harvested, the guava fruits are sanitized and undergo a rigorous selection process. Then, one of the processing steps is choosing the sieve according to the purpose of the product; for example, if the final product is juice, a 0.3 or 0.5 mm sieve can be used to filtrate the “sands” (GRIT), which is nothing more than the seeds from the processed guava; for the production of pink guava paste, the most used sieve is 1.0 mm or 1.2 mm, in order to pass more “pieces” of the guava that give that homemade sweet taste. 

The essential step of pasteurization is also part of the process, ensuring food safety and standardization.

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