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Juices and purees for industry and the necessary cautions

With each passing day, consumers are more engaged in social and environmental causes, as well as showing a preference for healthier products.

According to the 2020 Brazil Report - Sustainable Lifedeveloped by Akatu and GlobeScan, over 70% of consumers expect companies to be concerned with environmental preservation.

According to the same report, more than 60% expect organizations to set goals to make the world a better place.

According to a survey conducted by Organis in September 2020, organic food consumption increased by 44.5% during the pandemic, and more than half of respondents said they were concerned about the quality of food. The daily consumption of organic food was stated by 46.6%, and 34.3% said they consumed it at least twice a week.

The food industry is paying close attention to these trends aiming to provide healthier products that positively impact the environment and society.

To ensure this, it is not enough just to use strategies within the company itself.

It is necessary to make sure that the entire production chain uses practices that are beneficial to society and the environment.

Uma forma de garantir isso é contar com fornecedores de matéria-prima alimentícia (sucos e polpas de frutas) que sejam certificados por entidades fiscalizadoras.

Fundamental certifications to guarantee the source and authenticity of fruit juices and purees

The USDA Organic issued by the US department of agriculture is an important international certification.

Another important international certification is the Fairtrade, which guarantees that the company uses actions aimed at preserving the environment and fighting poverty through fair trade practices.

Finally, another important certification is the one issued by the SGF International BV, an organization specialized in protecting and ensuring strict control throughout the production and marketing process.

It is worth noting that Atlântica Foods holds all certifications presented in this section and supplies juices and purees from organic and fairtrade fruits.

Cautions in the choice of the production chain

When searching for juice and fruit puree suppliers for your industry, choose companies with credibility and years of operation in the market.

In addition, ask for certifications that prove the practices used by the company.

Comercialização de sucos e polpas de frutas com transparência

Atlântica Foods has operated with total transparency in the marketing of food raw materials for more than 30 years.  

Among the products marketed, it is possible to highlight single-strength juice, concentrate, concentrate-clarified, and conventional and organic fruit ingredients.

Therefore, if you have a demand for orange juice and want a reliable company to monitor the entire process of delivery of the raw material, you can count on Atlantica Foods!

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